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How is a park home different from a normal house?

The only real difference is the way the properties are constructed and the methods used in this. Many of the homes however look like a traditional home with a pitch roof a bit like a though many have the appearance of an attractively designed traditionally-built bungalow with a pitched tiled roof. Inside the property th feel is the same with fully fitted kitchens, built in wardrobes and cupboards and carpets. You can get either 2 or 3 bedrooms along with garden areas.

How do costs match up to that of a normal home?

The costs are a lot less so many of our residents are able to sell their existiing home to fund the purchasse living them spare money to retire on. The typical costs vary between £90,000- £140,000 price range.

Is council tax paid on a park home?

We are afraid it is but it is but on the cheapest band A.

What will happen to the value of my home over time?

As the years go buy the value of your property will rise, like that of a normal home.

How long do park homes last?

Depending on how well it is maintained a Park Home should last more than 30 years.

How much are the for park fees?

Typically the costs are between £25 – £35 per week.

Can I buy the park home as my 2nd home?

Not really now they are designed for all round the clock living 12 months of the year – this is a legal requirement. If you want one as a second home you will need to look for a Holiday Home.

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